How to Promote

What’s the best way to promote an English Week course at your school?

However you decide to promote your course, it is important to emphasize that  an English Week course is unique in that it provides students with plenty of speaking practice delivered through role plays, fun activities, and games.

Here are some suggestions for promoting the English Week course you have already booked:

1] Thoroughly inform all English teachers at your school about the course, so they can let their classes know what it is, when it will take place, and its benefits. Sometimes we find that students who would have liked to attend the course did not know about it.

2] Place posters promoting the course around the school, on school noticeboards and in the rooms where English is taught. We can help by providing a poster for you to use if you want.

3] It is important that the student’s parents are aware of the course and the benefits for their children. To increase awareness, we encourage you to download and print out copies of our Note for Parents for all potential English Week participants, which can be sent home with students for a parent’s signature.

You can download a template of the Note for Parents here. Feel free to change any information to suit your needs:

Note for Parents template

4] Use the school’s public announcement systems to promote the course.



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